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Many families have experienced destruction from the storms of life. If you are going through a storm yourself or if you know someone who is, this book will encourage and equip you to change the outcome. Each chapter of Updraft contrasts the adventures of chasing real dangerous and deadly tornados and hurricanes to Bill and Danielle Ford s own personal family storm stories as well as others. An Updraft is a column of warm air that rises in unstable conditions and can create destructive and deadly storms. When there are unstable conditions within a family, storms can potentially erupt as well. Even in the best family environments, storms can come out of nowhere and bring an onslaught of chaos. Storms can be frightening, dangerous and often destructive. Now imagine chasing down the most violent weather events on earth and that is exactly what Bill and Danielle Ford do every storm season. Their mission is to warn assist, and restore families in the path of severe weather and they have also witnessed first hand the devastating affects storms can have on families. Whether a storm of nature or a storm of life, Updraft addresses the truth that families: Need to heed the warning signs of the storm that is coming; Need Assistance in weathering the turbulence of a current storm; Are trying to pick up the pieces and be restored of a storm that has passed and left them surrounded with debris. Every family has been through a storm. Some have been intentionally waged upon us through outside forces and some storms are of our own making. Updraft encourages each family to live differently, stop the chaos and find their rainbow of a fulfilled life of significance, peace and joy. Bill and Danielle have written Updraft to guide families through the storms of life. Their transparency in sharing their own personal story and experiences in chasing tornadoes and coaching families will help any family weather any storm of life. Updraft encourages every family to live differently, conquer the chaos, and to know God s promise of a rainbow.

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